"I can't take tests with swollen ears." -Taylor G. Double AP Make Believe Things I Love: Harry Potter (look at my other blog, magic^^^), Friends, Reading, Costco's chocolate muffins, Tea

Tonight I am thankful for

my friends at school, mama och’s loveliness, and relaxing at the end of a long week

So calm right now, it’s lovely

Extremely thankful this morning

That my registration was successful! Even if it started out a little rough…


Comparing yourself to someone else can be poisonous.

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Thankful for

Having the time to get a lot done today and waking up in a good mood!

 Kristen Bell attends the premiere of Disney’s ‘Frozen.’

Unbelievably thankful!

A little late, but I am so thankful that today God stuck with me to keep me calm, to help me study the right things for both of my exams, and to help me do well on both! Thank you for getting me through the day. Just one quiz and one test now lies between me and thanksgiving!!!!!

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